What is WorkKeys®

WorkKeys®,developed by ACT®,measures the skills that are crucial for job success. Over 17,000 occupations have been profiled to identify the skills needed to learn and perform on the job.

WorkKeys assessments are available for ten skill areas:  

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Reading for Information
  • Locating Information
  • Teamwork
  • Workplace Observation
  • Applied Technology
  • Observation
  • Listening
  • Business Writing
  • Writing

In Central Pennsylvania,Applied Mathematics,Reading for Information and Locating Information are core components because they measure the skills valuable for any occupation and seen by employers as crucial basic skills. Successful completion in all three assessments will result in a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC).

Central Pennsylvania WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificate


The Central Pennsylvania Career Readiness Certificate is awarded on four levels:Bronze,Silver,Gold and Platinum. Each level of certificate builds upon the previous and provides a snapshot of the recipients’ capabilities. The certificate is endorsed by the Central Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board.

National Career Readiness Certificate

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) was introduced in Central Pennsylvania in early 2010. The NCRC is also awarded on the four levels of Bronze,Silver,Gold and Platinum.

WorkKeys is offered in the Central Pennsylvania CareerLink® locations,and since its inception in 2006,has grown in popularity with local organizations and employers. For a list of these organizations and employers please visit WorkKeys Participating Employers.